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Matrix Every day sofas and sofa beds

Design, Studio MB 

Sofas and sofa beds 100% made in Italy

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The Matix sofa bed can on request be ordered with a chaise with storage, the sofa converts into and every day bed by simply rotating the back, without removing any of the seat or back cushions.

Sofa bed opening system
Converts the sofa into an every day bed without effort, simply pull the back rest of the sofa forward with out having to remove any of the seat or back cushion.

Delivered broken down for easy access.

Mattress options
Standard Spring Mattress
Support is achieved by hourglass-shaped springs held together in rows by spiral helical wires.
Medium to soft comfort
Pocket Spring Mattress
Giving a higher levels of support resulting in a better sleeping posture. Each spring is individual packed and respond wherever body weight is applied.
Medium comfort
Performance foam Mattress
A high performance foam especially developed to be used with folding mechanisms, can be ordered with removable cover.
Medium to soft comfort
Visco elastic Mattress
Pressure relieving mattress which forms after the contours of the body allowing a natural and tension free sleeping position, can be ordered with removable cover.
Medium comfort
Leg options
Cherry Wenge Natural Chrome

We have several different categories of both fabrics and leathers, most of our sofas have lose covers, some fabrics can be pre washed on request, this allows you to wash them in your machine, we can also produce any of our models in your own fabric.

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sofa and sofa bed messurments
Technical details 
Mechanism or structure: High resistance steel tube epoxy baked painted. Orthopedic bed with quality continental weld-mesh, fixed to the frame with springs.
Sofa bed seat made with polypropylene fabric, sofa seat made with webbing. Opening and closing operations with one single movement (sofa bed only).
Mattress standard (sofa bed only): Interior springing made of a 2,2 mm. diam. hardened steel; expanded polyurethane foam 25 Kg/m3 density and dark batting on both sides; 100% cotton fabric.
Frame: Back: high resistance steel tube epoxy baked painted.
Armrests: solid fir, poplar plywood and particle wood.
Headboard and Front panel (nonbearing): particle wood.
Loveseat panels: multi-layer of poplar wood.
Padding: Seat: Expanded polyurethane foam 35 Kg/m3, covered with interliner combined with PL fiber 280 g/m2 and 2,5 mm. quilted interliner.
Cover: bottom: poly/cotton fabric; padding: resinated polyester fiber 200 gr./m2. Back: Expanded polyurethane foam 18+21 kg/m3 + 100% PL needle punched 380 g/m2 fiber combined with interliner; inner cover in 2,5 mm. combined interliner.
Headboard, front panel and Loveseat panels: 10mm foam combined with interliner.
Armrests: Expanded polyurethane foam 40+30 Kg/m3 and 10mm. foam combined with interliner.
Wooden legs: solid wood, natural, wenge or cherry finish. Wooden armrests: solid wood, natural, wenge or cherry finish.
Loveseat with storage: baked painted plate; bottom covered with melamine.

100% Made in Italy
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