Comfy Lux Sofa Bed: Your Space-Saving Sleep Solution in Any Size

Comfy Lux Sofa Bed: Your Space-Saving Sleep Solution in Any Size

Looking for a stylish sofa that seamlessly transforms into a comfortable everyday bed? Then look no further than the Comfy Lux Sofa Bed from This ingenious piece of furniture is perfect for small apartments, guest rooms, or anyone who wants to maximize their living space.

Luxury in Every Size

One of the biggest advantages of the Comfy Lux is its size versatility. You can choose from a single all the way up to a super king-size mattress, and three arm width ensuring a perfect fit for your needs. Whether you have a tiny studio or a large living room, there's a Comfy Lux that will utilize your space perfectly.

Comfy 18 Luxury w.230, Mattress W.180 L.200 D.18cm by night

Comfy Lux super king size bed W.180 L.200 D.18cm

Uncompromising Comfort

But size isn't everything. The Comfy Lux boasts a luxurious 18cm thick mattress, regardless of the size you choose. This ensures a comfortable night's sleep, the sofa bed is made for everyday use. Here's where the mattress options come in:

Standard spring mattress, W.75, 115, 140, 160 or 180/  L.200 / D.18cm

Spring sofa bed mattresses UK

The structure consists of springs, made out of tempered steel wire called "Bonnel", linked by a spiral steel to allow the folding of the mattress (SOFT).

Standard foam mattress, W.75, 115, 140, 160 or 180/  L.200 / D.16cm

Foam sofa bed mattresses UK

Mattress made of high-performance polyurethane foam this is our alternative mattress for the customers that do not like to sleep on spring mattress (SOFT).


Memo comfort mattress, W.75, 115, 140, 160 or 180/  L.200 / D.18cm

Memory foam sofa bed mattress UK

The special low resilience foam with "memory" effect, used on top, wraps around the body and takes its shape; it is therefore reversible, allowing you to sleep on both sides. This mattress showed no problem


Pocket Memo mattress, W.75, 115, 140, 160 or 180/  L.200 / D.18cm

Pocket memory sofa bed mattress UK

The structure is made with independent pocket springs, each positioned in a bag of non-allergenic material, allowing for differentiated compression according to the weight of the body. The padding is made of viscoelastic foam on both sides with a "memory effect", which conforms to the shape of the body without any compression (MEDIUM).

Designed for Style and Functionality

The Comfy Lux isn't just about comfort; it's a stylish addition to any living space. The sleek design and completely removable covers allow you to customize the look to match your décor. Plus, the innovative folding mechanism means you can convert the sofa into a bed in seconds, without removing any cushions.

Comfy 18 Luxury, pillow storage option

Comfy Lux, with our pillow storage option

Additional Features

Here are some other great features of the Comfy Lux:

  • Made in Italy: For the highest quality craftsmanship.
  • Lifetime Guarantee: Offering peace of mind for years to come.
  • Built-in Storage Option: Choose to include a chaise longue with hidden storage or build a corner sofa bed for a truly multifunctional piece.
  • Easy Access Delivery: Delivered flat-packed for easy manoeuvring through tight spaces.
  • Normal Sofa: All Comfy models can also be ordered as standard sofas.

Bonbon Comfy Lux sofa bed, chaise with storage

Why not add a chaise-longue to our Comfy Lux

The Verdict: A Space-Saving Sleep Sanctuary

The Comfy Lux Sofa Bed is a perfect example of intelligent design that doesn't compromise on comfort or style. With its size options, luxurious mattress, and versatile functionality, it's a great choice for anyone looking to make the most of their space.

Ready to find out more? Head over to to explore the Comfy Lux and discover how it can transform your living space.


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